The studio

3.0 studio is a French animation studio from Prima Linea, an author agency created in Paris in 1988 by Valérie Schermann to represent many renowned authors and graphic designers.
In 1995 Valérie Schermann and Christophe Jankovic founded Prima Linea Productions, which is dedicated to the production and fabrication of animated movies.
Feature and short films are made at the studio based in Angoulême and Paris. Especially Loulou and other wolves, Fear(s) of the Dark, Zarafa, The Red Turtle or recently The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily.
In 2015, the animation studio was dissociated from the production company to become 3.0 studio .
A studio that keeps its artistic DNA and its vocation to explore and mix different 2D and 3D animation techniques in order to develop their specificities and complementarities.

Recently, 3.0 studio collaborated on the film Klaus by Sergio Pablos, executed the animation minutes of The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson as well as several short films made in whole or in part at the studio. It is currently responsible for the graphic development and production of Michel Hazanavicius’ animated film The most precious of Cargoes, of which it is executive producer.

The studio is located near Angoulême Cathedral, on the fortification above the countryside. In the premises there are around sixty workstations, an editing room, production offices, a kitchen, meeting rooms…and a large tree-filled courtyard.