a film by Jean-Christophe Lie
produced by Prima Linea Productions
co-produced by Dingo, Piste Rouge
French release : 2009

10 min. – 2K – 1:85 – Dolby Digital

Mission of the studio : preparation and production of the entire 2D image of the film.

The absurd and the idiotic, with a libertarian impetus aiming at the overthrow of social codes and values, here are the main characteristics of this story. A kind of splash to the face of conventions and propriety. To provoke against the grain, a bit as if one wandered in shorts through a nudist village, not by sense of decency, but simply by desire to be different.
But the subject of this story is not to criticize either the nudists or the emancipation of the Seventies, although…
The most important for the main characters, is to break themselves of any form of standardization, whether liberal, ideological, moral, or linked to tastes or fashion.

Direction: Jean-Christophe Lie
Script and graphic author: Jean-Christophe Lie

Producers: Valérie Schermann et Christophe Jankovic

Animation: Jean-Christophe Lie et Julien Dexant
Backgrounds: Céline Puthier
Compositing: Jean-Michel Bonnet
Logos and posters: Pierre Di Sciullo
Editing: Céline Kélepikis

Original soundtrack: DJ Moule,
except the song “Jodle Gordin”: DJ Moule and Maxime Plisson (also singer)
Music production: Dingo
Music author self publishing

Voices and presences: Patrick Hauthier – Marion Ducamp – Joël Pyrène – Daniel Crumb – Sophie Fougère

Recording music and voices: La Nef (Angoulême)
Sound design and mix: Piste Rouge (Angoulême) Sébastien Marquilly, Fabien Devillers
Post-production image: Film Factory
Shoot 35 mm: Color’M
Lab 35 mm: Arane

A co-production: Prima Linea Productions, Dingo, Piste Rouge 
With the participation of: Centre National de la Cinématographie
and of: Canal +.
With the support of: Région Poitou-Charentes
and of: Département de la Charente

Copyright: © 2009 Prima Linea Productions, Dingo, Piste Rouge 

N° visa : 120.102
Distribution and sales: Prima Linea Productions.
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