a film by Serge Elissalde & Grégoire Solotareff, Richard McGuire, Marie Caillou, François
Chalet, Philippe Petit-Roulet
produced by Prima Linea Productions
co-produced by  France 3 et Gebeka Films
French release: March 2003

58 min. – 35mm – Dolby 5.1 and Dolby

Mission of the studio : preparation and production of the entire 2D image of the film.

“Loulou and other wolves …” is an original entertainment program for youth on the theme of the wolf.
It consists of a main movie “Loulou” directed by Serge Elissalde and adapted from the famous album by Gregoire Solotareff (L’école des loisirs publisher), and four short films made by great graphics authors : Philippe Petit-Roulet, François Chalet, Marie Caillou and Richard McGuire.
This program, especially for children from 4 to 10 years, will both please the parents and a large public of animation and humorous tales amateurs.

screenplay: Grégoire Solotareff and Jean-Luc Fromental
producers: Valérie Schermann and Christophe Jankovic

direction: Serge Elissalde
soundtrack and song: Sanseverino

Marika and the Wolf [Marika et le loup]
direction: Marie Caillou
soundtrack: Julien Civange

Micro Loup
direction: Richard McGuire
soundtrack: Julien Civange

To make the Portrait of a Wolf [Pour faire le portrait d’un loup]
direction: Philippe Petit Roulet
written and said by Grégoire Solotareff
soundtrack: Patrice Gomis

Where are you Grand-Ma? [T’es où Mère-Grand ?]
direction: François Chalet
soundtrack: Julien Civange

Étalonnage numérique et report 35mm : Mikros Image / Arane
Mixing: Bruno Seznec

A co-roduction Prima Linea Productions, France 3, Gebeka Films
With the participation of Centre National de la Cinématographie

French distribution: Gebeka Films
International sales: Télé Images International

VISA N° 106078
© Prima Linea Productions, France 3, Gebeka Films
Tous droits réservés