a film by Laurent Kircher
produced by Prima Linea Productions
French release :  2015

13 min. – 2K – 1:85

Mission of the studio : preparation and production of the entire 2D image of the film.

When she returns to her native south-west of France to sell her family home, Sheila Spanghetto finds her little village of Ovalie untouched since she left for Paris 15 years ago. The men live for the ‘third-half’ of rugby – leaving their women to the burden of running all the domestic affairs.
Sheila is not the sort to put up with this nonsense: she won’t submit to the first scrum she faces and plans to turn over the situation. With pressure from the village women, who invest their hope in her, and with the help of local legend Granny Spanghetto (who makes the knees of the stoutest prop tremble), Sheila will take on the men, in their own ground.
Following a legendary match, life will never be the same again in the peaceful little village of Ovalie…

A film by Laurent Kircher
Screenplay and graphism: Laurent Kircher

Animation: Laurent Kircher
Backgrounds supervisor: Cécila Pepper
Compositing supervisors: Arnaud Bois, Romain Drouillard, Bruno Giraud
Editing: Clémence Samson with Rémi Sagot Duvauroux
Sound design and mix: Bruno Seznec, Baptiste Boucher, Fabien Devillers

Sound studio: Piste Rouge
Image Post-production: Mikros Image

Produced by: Prima Linea Productions Valérie Schermann et Christophe Jankovic
With the support of: Département de la Charente
And of: la Région Poitou-Charentes
In partnership with: le CNC
And: Pôle Images Magelis
With the support of: Piste Rouge, Mikros Image, Malil’Art

Distribution and sales: Prima Linea Productions.
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